Do you have colleagues who shoulder the burden of other people’s troubles as well as their own? Are there some team members who are always pushing themselves to do more and do better, but even then feel that it’s never enough? Studies show that such people, due to the demands they put on themselves and perhaps also other demands in the workplace, are at a particularly high risk of burnout. This is why it is impossible to overstate the importance of preventive action to help employees avoid becoming overachievers. It is vitally important not only for the person themselves, but for the entire team and the organisation as a whole.

This guide will help you, as a human resources expert or team leader in your organisation, to do the following:

  • recognise overachieving and its effects on the team
  • understand the psychological mechanisms behind overachieving
  • identify the motives of overachievers
  • prevent burnout at work
  • help employees to place realistic limits on their work.
How to help overachievers - a guide for managers 3d book

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