The webinar will be presented by:

Auntie professional Margaretha Madoures

Margaretha Madoures

Auntie professional, BSc. and MSc. Psychologist and relaxation therapist.

 I believe in a flexible, client-focused approach to my work and actively help people to find immediately practical solutions for their issues with tools that work for them. I have a special passion for helping my clients in achieving a balanced approach to work and down time, which ensures constant and sustainable productivity. Together we try out different techniques that we adjust and "troubleshoot" over the course of the sessions. Independent of where my clients start, they will leave the sessions with a variety of psychological tools to help them cope better at work and in their private life.


About Auntie

Auntie is a low-threshold mental well-being service. Auntie provides support for employees suffering from stress, overachieving or lost motivation. Measurable results can be achieved with conceptualised, quick-to-start service packages that are based on online sessions with an Auntie professional.

Auntie’s services are used by over three hundred of pioneering organisations, ranging from small expert companies to major global corporations and public-sector organisations, in the Nordics and Europe. Auntie has over 120 mental well-being professionals that provide services all together in 20 languages.

Auntie is a service that organisations offer to their employees.