This webinar is part of Auntie’s activities for the World Mental Health Month this year. The United Nations states that the “World Mental Health Month celebrates awareness for the global community in an empathetic way, with a unifying voice, helping those affected to feel hopeful by empowering them to take action and to create lasting change.” 

It is in every individual’s best interest to look after one’s mental health, yet we need the attention and support of our social environment, from friends and family, to colleagues and experts - to maintain our wellness. We hope that the webinar will help you and your colleagues to have a better understanding of self-knowledge - your own values - and the impact it has on a more meaningful life, regardless of outside pressures and expectations.

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Pascale Contanceau

Pascale Coutanceau

Born in France, I moved to Norway about 25 years ago. After working a long time as a teacher, I decided that I needed a career change and became a gestalt therapist. I'm driven by the desire to contribute to better mental health and quality of life. And I think that we attain it by allowing ourselves to "feel what we really feel, know what we really know, say what we really mean and do what we really want".


About Auntie

Auntie is a low-threshold mental well-being service. Auntie provides support for employees suffering from stress, overachieving or lost motivation. Measurable results can be achieved with conceptualised, quick-to-start service packages that are based on online sessions with an Auntie professional.

Auntie’s services are used by over three hundred of pioneering organisations, ranging from small expert companies to major global corporations and public-sector organisations, in the Nordics and Europe. Auntie has over 120 mental well-being professionals that provide services all together in 20 languages.

Auntie is a service that organisations offer to their employees.